Anonymous VPN


Difficult to speak of anonymity on the Internet without talking about new fresh proxies and VPN (Virtual Private Network); this is probably one of the most effective anonymity. A VPN to change your IP address using proxy servers located abroad and generally encrypt all data transmitted between your computer and the Internet. But beware, this does not leave traces on the Internet and your private information may be broadcast unencrypted over the network when you are not connected to a VPN.

Before choosing a VPN service free or paid, it should read their terms of protection of privacy, especially for free. It must be ensured in fact they do not retain the history of your activities, your IP address, actually to ensure your anonymity on the Web.


Community VPN


This unlimited service is one of the references Free VPN. No conditions privacy protection obscure, or filtering, ISP Virtual Community is supported by donations from its users and advertising. It guarantees complete anonymity by hiding your IP address and encrypting your communications. Even your ISP can not see what you’re doing. In addition, the VPN does not store your data (IP address, logs, activity, etc.)… Infrastructure that is based in the Netherlands offers a speed quite satisfactory, it is rare to say.

Access to this service through an application you must take the time to answer a series of questions in the section “Registration” and convince the moderators of the VPN wanted! The illicit activities including downloading works protected by copyright are prohibited. Note that the service is compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows and even the iPhone.