Anonymous Web Proxy


Using a Web proxy (or anonymous) operation is somewhat modified. The user connects to the Internet using a client application (Internet Browser); it will connect first to the proxy server and give him his request. The proxy server will then connect to the Web proxy. The web proxy will then connect to the server (search engine or website) that the client application tries to join and send him the request. The server will then give its response to the Web proxy that will give its response following the proxy, which in turn will send it to the client application. The only way to ensure blocking of banned sites will be blocked Web site that is known as proxy address prohibited.


Operation of a Web Proxy


The use of new fresh proxies called” anonymous” or Web proxy are extremely dangerous despite their name, it does not make truly anonymous as the proxy sees all that is done and the sites visited. It is therefore important to understand that through a Web proxy unknown is extremely dangerous because it can examine everything that is done and even passwords and use all the information about forming a personal identity which does not respond respect for privacy.


– Third-party software and add-on


Some Internet browsers allow the installation of add-on which gives the possibility to use directly without having to go through a proxy connection on the Web. Via an activated button they use the addresses of Web proxies to allow connection to banned sites.


Other techniques are also available using the software executable on USB, at which time they are independent browsers running on the USB entirely designed to use web proxies or protocol https or for allow connection to website prohibited.




Although it is possible to block Web proxies, there are over a hundred different available on the internet (different names, different extensions). Every proxy blocked two others are available unless unlock access to the proxy Web using keywords which could cause a total impossibility to surf the Web, it is necessary to make prevention among students using web proxies to inform them of the danger posed by the use of proxy. Regarding the use of software and add-on despite the fact that these techniques are not widely used, it is difficult to predict which technique will be used.