Create Your Own Proxy Server


For reasons of confidentiality, it is sometimes better to go through a proxy server. Here are a few steps and notions to create and configure their own proxy server to remain anonymous on the net.


Before starting this tutorial, you must understand what a proxy server: A proxy server is a computer whose function is to relay requests between a client and a server. Some of these servers are called “anonymous” they are able to transform your IP address to an anonymous address. So you have a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet. One way to hide his IP is through an intermediate server that connects to your plots websites or servers. It is the agent who leaves his IP. Of course, a proxy also keeps traces of connection for its own maintenance and also for legal reasons. That is why it is interesting to use its own proxy: The traces of your connection will be left to your discretion as you are “renting” the proxy server, or rather, the VPS server that follows.  New fresh proxies are mainly used for anonymous surfing, access to sites that are not available…


It is advisable to download large files with a proxy because it slowed considerably speed file transfer, although the speed depends generally beyond quality proxy. We talked about earlier; your proxy must be hosted on what called a server (VPS Virtual Private server). In fact, a VPS hosting creates multiple virtual servers on the same real server, using software virtualization technologies. The principle is to offer customers all the benefits of a dedicated server without having to suffer from costs. There are a multitude of VPS offers on the market. You’ll be spoiled for choice.


The server then asks the username and password: Remember that it is normal that the characters are not displayed when you type your password. There are not even stars for safety reasons, so that somebody does not attempt to count the number of characters looking over your shoulder! If everything is good, you should be connected to your machine!


Proxy installation on the server: We will use new fresh proxies that are light and fast, which is great for smaller structures, to install on your server, you will need to type the code!


Proxy configuration on your web browser: This is the final stage: Configure your web browser to make surfing completely anonymous.