Elite Proxy


A “high anonymous” or “elite proxy” does not stand of a system without new fresh proxies in an external point of view. There is no way to detect that it is a proxy; the system is seen as a normal customer, to a server.

Well, even if privacy is better managed, we are still faced with the quality of service. Moreover, an Elite free proxy of new fresh proxies is not a service but a resource which cannot master anything. From one day to another, it can jump; the owner can notice of illegitimate traffic that goes through the IP and secure it, making your username Elite proxy unusable.


Frustration of free proxies


You have been confronted with this IPs who walked on two at once? Even those who don’t work anymore and for which you could not trust?


It is terribly frustrating to have to start hunting for free proxies too regularly because the IP were blocked sites.


Yes, forums, blogging services and other websites are organized to counter the spam generated behind these screens fortune. And they organize great especially if platforms are designed to be high quality and therefore be enhanced by Google (and either traffic or positioning).


Free on the internet, it is expensive


Unfortunately, to seek information; you spend more time looking for that use and produce.


Not only research resource is time-consuming, but the probability of finding the same low quality is not very high.


Your research will ultimately cost because:


  • You spend all your time on forums or websites
  • The rejection rate as proxy is only 5 or 10% of the existed proxies
  • The rate of unavailability proxies is unacceptable: After 5 days, how many are online? And after 10, 15, 20 days, how much is still remaining?
  • The downtime tools using proxy is to recognize: Indeed, how many treatments stripped? How many hours lost? How many grilled plans because the proxy is unresponsive?
  • Time to test new fresh proxies to replace those who are offline, to revive the process
  • Finally all these how much cost you of productivity?


What are the main shortcomings of these proxies which do not hide that much?


  • They quickly become out of service. The obsolescence of IPs is fast.
  • They are slow, very slow, because millions are enjoying these IPs
  • (And) they are blocked by the best web platforms
  • They often come from countries already blacklisted (Russia, Romania, India)
  • They are not secure and may be honey pots to trace queries or data being compromised.

Why an Elite Proxy?


  • An elite proxy does not reveal any information about your connection or your computer (or IP or country or service provider, or logs)
  • An elite proxy really hide all the information about your browsing and your requests
  • An elite proxy doesn’t record anything on your behavior
  • A High Anonymous Proxy has not the same capabilities to hide: the server, on the other side knows that you are AT LEAST a proxy. And the worst? It depends on the quality of the proxy. Another point, the anonymous proxy is not private. How many users are on this IP? What do they do and what risk is there that this IP is detected and listed as endangered?