Encrypted Proxies


A proxy server is a computer whose function is to relay requests between a client and a server. Some of these servers are called “anonymous” they are able to transform your IP address to an anonymous address. So you have a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet.


One way to hide an IP is through an intermediate server that will connect to web sites or servers. It is the agent who leaves its IP. Of course, a proxy also keeps traces of connection to their own maintenance and also for legal reasons.


This is the trick: if your IP pass through a German proxy (and even if Germany piracy is equally condemned), HADOPI robots see you as a German citizen and will leave you alone.


New fresh proxies are mainly used for anonymous surfing, access to unavailable sites… It is not recommended to download large files with a proxy because it slowed considerably the speed file transfer, although the rate usually depends on the quality of the proxy.


As you can guess, the paid proxies are much better: They are faster, more reliable, and have a life even more important.


Configure Proxies: Traditional Method


The “traditional” method is to configure Firefox to navigate anonymously (without displaying the servers you visit, your real IP address).


To do this, we click on “Tools / Options”.


Then chose the button “Advanced” in the icon, you select the “Network” tab, and finally click on “Settings”.


Finally, click on “Manual proxy configuration” and you enter the IP address anonymous “http proxy” and the port address anonymous “port”. You can also click on the option “Use this proxy server for all protocols”. Validating this configuration, you will surf anonymously.