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The new fresh proxies system

Using a highly efficient search method, the new proxies are proxies in thousands. Easy to use: just click on “Find Proxy“, and then click the search button. These proxies have a simple interface and comprehensive that guides you quickly through all its functions.

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New fresh proxies are used to enhance your online privacy. They actually add a layer of anonymity to your web browsing ensuring that the web site you are visiting has no record of your position.

Performing principle

Proxy servers are existed to secure and enhance access to some Web pages by storing a copy. When a browser sends a demand to the request for a Web page that was already stored, the answer and time displays are improved. The user accesses faster to the site and does not saturate the proxy to exit. Proxy servers also improve security by filtering out some web content and wicked software.


The filtering is applied based on the security strategy set on the network. This allows blocking according to a blacklist sites considered wicked or unnecessary work environment of the company.


To limit access to the external network, by enhancing the security of the local network, it may be necessary to execute an authentication system to access external resources.

This is sufficient of a deterrent for users to visit sites contrary to the compact of their information system. They feel used and are discreet in their research.

Storing Logs

The logs storage of websites visited and pages viewed, allows the network administrator to reset the security policy of the network or interfere with a user who frequently visit wicked sites or unrelated activity of the company.