How to Hide Information on the Internet


When you connect to the Internet via a public wireless or internet café, anyone in the network can sniff your logins and passwords, sent in the clear (unencrypted = sites that are not https).


You risk nothing with Gmail, Facebook and other sites, because they are https, but many others do not contain https.


To secure the information on the Internet, it is necessary to go through an encrypted tunnel as a VPN or new fresh proxies.


Whether it is to access a streaming site or visit pages without revealing your real IP address, new fresh proxies are a good option to consider.


It can be tedious (and ineffective, if the service is free) to use a proxy directly with your browser, there are new fresh proxies that are integrated directly into a web page – both for ease of use and prevent abuse.


Finally, whether you are casual user or hard, do not forget the pitfalls related to the use of a proxy.


And if you have nothing to hide, nobody forces you to have fun tinkering!


There are sites provide web proxies; simply enter the website address you want to display and the server takes care of everything.


There are some limitations for sites using a lot of JavaScript, but it works perfectly for facebook for example.