How to Install a Proxy


One way to connect anonymously to the Internet is through anonymous new fresh proxies (or proxy server). A proxy is a computer that acts as an intermediary between your browser and the Internet. Specifically, you connect to the proxy, which connects to the Web sites for you, and sends you pages. So you become invisible for sites that only see the IP address of the proxy. Based proxy, these trips / returns can generate delays. Conversely, it can also speed up the navigation on the most visited sites it stores in its cache. But this method is not foolproof: Data is not encrypted and the traffic remains fully visible by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).


Install a proxy server in your browser is not trivial. It is important to ensure its reliability, not only because he sees spend all your traffic, but it can be used for malicious botnets! Similarly, if a priori, a proxy cannot see data when you connect to secure sites (https), caution is required. There are free new fresh proxies (uncontrolled and often very slow) or private pay (more secure and faster) listed on websites services.



Note that some new fresh proxies do not work or will be really slow. In this case, you must repeat the process as many times as necessary. Consider finally to verify your IP address has indeed been modified using a site such as, for example. This method can be used, inter alia, to circumvent filtering of certain U.S. websites (U.S. App Store, Pandora, YouTube, etc…)In this case, it is therefore necessary to choose a proxy server located in the United States.