Keys To Preserve Anonymity On The Internet


Remain completely anonymous on the Internet is a utopia. None of the techniques that we have presented is infallible. Facing multinational all-powerful considerable means of advertising to hackers increasingly determined and governments increase their surveillance, protect your privacy requires a lot of perseverance.


The different methods that we have seen are very simple to implement. They can complicate your identification and limit your Internet tracks. But their use is not without constraints. Whether new fresh proxies or anonymous plug-ins to be installed on Firefox, the browsers or new fresh proxies Web sites, all cause strong slowdowns and do not mix with technologies like Flash. Besides we can doubt their reliability because we cannot know who is really behind proxy servers.


Faster (but not necessarily completely reliable), paid services must always be supplemented by various security utilities and cleaning to enhance your protection. Provided to be accepted by the community and meet its conditions (fairly strict) the VPN is an excellent alternative.


Beyond the tools reviewed, each of us must be vigilant and careful not to disclose personal information anywhere on the Internet. Nickname and use various passwords to access Web services. Think encrypt passwords and all important information using software like TrueCrypt. Always look at the conditions of use of personal data of free or paid services that you use. Regularly delete temporary files, make sure to update its software, etc.. Or think well set privacy settings for services such as Google and Facebook. Small precautions can make some smile, but are too often overlooked by many.