New Fresh Proxy Websites


Proxy sites are developed to allow navigation around the restrictions on Internet network or an IP address to hide behind a proxy server to surf anonymously on the Net. Generally, proxy sites are freely available on the web, but some require a few times of access fees. If you want to create a free proxy, you can do so without having to invest money if you use the right tools.

How to create a free proxy site

1)    Create your own website if you do not already have one. Webs and Weekly are two free services that can help you create your own website free of charge. With these services, you simply indicate type the desired name of your proxy site and follow the instructions.


2)    For the design of the site, keep in mind that what is simple is always better. For example, with Web sites and Web visitors, you can choose a predefined template that will be displayed on every page of your site, but proxy sites generally consist of a single page. Once you have selected the design, you can add images or text by selecting “Add Images” or “Add Text”.


3)    When adding text to your site free proxy, make sure to write an introduction describing what your proxy service offered. For example, you can specify that the use of the service is free, it allows you to bypass the restrictions through Internet servers, and that the IP addresses are masked, or any other information you find relevant.


4)    Then you need to go to the website Install. This will allow you to install a CGI proxy on your site. Click the “Start” tab displayed on the page. Then on the link “CGI Proxy”. Let the version pre-selected and click the “Next”. Then click on “Accept”.


5)    Type the name of your proxy site ( in the text box displayed next to that says: Your Website. Type the user name and password that you chose when creating your proxy site. The user name is in the “FTP Username” and password in the “FTP Password”. The rest is not mandatory and, therefore, you do not have to complete it.


6)    Click “Next” and then click “OK” to complete the process. Bypass proxy CGI is now installed on your free proxy site and text field will be displayed: type any URL in the text field displayed on your free proxy site and you can surf anonymously and bypass the Internet restrictions. Share the URL of your proxy site for free with friends or colleagues and they will be also able to use it for free.