The Autonomy Of Mobile Enhanced Through The Use Of Proxy



And if proxy servers are used to reduce the impact of internet browsing on mobile batteries!!

On Smart phones, touch screen click can quickly become frantic to read and comment websites increasingly consulted mobility. But the more you click on 3G, more autonomy of Smartphone is eroded. And while some companies offer browsers compressing data to reduce the pages to be displayed (such as Opera Mini and Amazon Silk), the savings in bytes downloaded as 3G signal swallowed are not yet optimal.


In Finland, researchers from of Universities work around the proxy on an alternative solution to these problems. They were seeking to use new fresh proxies’ servers to extend battery life phones. A proxy retrieves the query when you click on a link, then fetches the content, digests, and makes already ready to be displayed on the mobile … for an energy saving of about 70% loading a web page.


The advantage is that there is no application to download, just a network configuration parameter to change and can continue to use their favorite mobile browser. The system also has the advantage of being compatible with all mobile devices on the market. This research shows that compress the transferred data can also help to gain autonomy, but this gain is currently limited because the mobile processor is further requested consideration for decompression. Of course, this is not a real discovery, knowing that these new fresh proxies’ servers are already well served at the time of low-speed, but the work remains interesting.







Usefulness of Proxies


Because of its structure, a proxy sees all your network traffic … Think of its reliability (in fact that of its owner) before to channel everything and anything! When in doubt, it is best to encrypt data. If you use a proxy for political reasons the police, choose a server located outside your country.

Your ISP (Internet Service Providers) sees ALL your traffic (as if you did as a proxy). Indeed, a proxy is only used to hide your IP address to the websites you visit or software using the internet (example: Skype, Windows Live Messenger, etc.), but a proxy does not encrypt your traffic.


Clearly, the starting IP address is completely hidden, and only the IP address of the proxy appears in the log service contacted.



Advantage / Disadvantage


Advantage: You don’t appear anymore with your own IP address.

Disadvantage: Depending on the type of proxy used (public: free, private: paying) the rate may be very low.


Usefulness of a Proxy


We have seen the primary role of new fresh proxies server is to serve as a bridge between two networks.


In some cases, the proxy may be “anonymous” that is to say that there are no traces of the sender of the request when the remote service is contacted. But this is not its only use:


It can also be used for the filtering role (often used in business), that is to say, very precise monitoring requests to Internet users conducted by recording them in the logs. And in some cases filtering destination sites by URL or content (preventing video for example).

Another of its functions is to serve as a “cache” (proxy-cache). That is to say, the content stored locally or most frequently requested URL to return almost immediately.


Particular case: In some configurations, the proxy is mounted “upside down” is called a reverse-proxy. The usefulness of this type of device is to allow external users to access internal servers on a network while protecting them.


There are several types of new fresh proxies:


  • HTTP proxies.
  • SOCKS proxies.
  • Web Proxies.



Open Proxies


This page serves to coordinate the pages related to the detection and blocking open proxies. An “open proxy” is a proxy (proxy server) that is accessible by everyone. Generally these are computers used to hide the user’s IP. There are also private proxies, usually business, which they are only accessible to employees of the company.


If you are stuck with the message “open proxy”


You can request a release by contacting an administrator (by email, or by using another computer), indicating the blocked IP address (for example identifying and blocking (for example # 45864). This information is found in the message block. If you have a user account, specify it as well, it allows the administrator to respond to your talk page.


You’re going to find in this website different new fresh proxies that help you to surf easily on the internet.


The operating principle


The operating principle of a proxy server is very simple: it is a server “mandated” by an application to query the Internet instead. Thus, when a user connects to the Internet using a client application configured to use a proxy server; it will connect first to the proxy server and give it its request. The proxy server will then connect to the server that the client application tries to join and to transmit the request. The server will then give its response to the proxy, which in turn will send it to the client application.

How to find proxies that work?


Here’s a tip that will help you find lists of new fresh proxies easily and in these lists, proxies that work!

The problem with lists found on the web proxies is that they are quickly obsolete; you must be responsive and find lists recently updated.

How to find new fresh proxies lists addresses?

Google is our friend; we can find lists using this type of query: like

+ “80” + “: 8080” + “3128” + filetype: txt

We therefore seek proxies with ports commonly used by proxy, port 80, 8080 and 3128 and restrict results to txt file.


Some of you are already familiar with this type of queries we are talking about in some U.S. sites, but what you may not know is how to get recent lists or recently updated.


Also using Google, who provided a nice feature, the ability to limit our search to a given period; we will limit the search to the last 24 hours.


For example, if I type the same query as previously but I limit the search to the last 24 hours so I’m going to get recent proxy lists or recently updated, so I’ll definitely find proxies that still work:

I chose as the results of less than 24 hours, I remove the filetype command to get more results pages.


Another way to find proxies


Some visitors to your site go through a proxy; you will save IPs visitors in a txt file and try different port for each IP. Example, a visitor visits my site with this IP:, so I’ll try different combinations:,,,…

Better, the spammer comments sometimes pass through proxies, so when a spammer comes, we check if it goes through a proxy and we recover its proxy.

Fresh Anonymous Proxies


Make sure your web traffic conforms to your security policy

Anonymous proxies can “fool” Web filtering within the company to access blocked content or undesirable. Do not get caught in the trap. With solutions Web Security, give your users the access to your sites they need to stay productive in their work with confidence, without fear that they bypass the filter.


Web security

There is a unique solution in two steps required to create an effective protection against anonymous proxies used to circumvent filtering:


The reputation filtering actively seeking new anonymous proxies from many internet sources as and when they are released and then updates the database filtering regular and frequent intervals.

Motor proxy detection in real time automatically controls the traffic for signs of routing through a proxy, blocking effectively private proxies or other unidentified proxies due to reputation service.

You can also identify several hundred new proxies every day with this service and this unique technology. Thus, administrators no longer need to constantly monitor the latest proxy sites accessed by users. Result? Working hours saved each week.

What is an anonymous proxy?


People use anonymous proxies to bypass web filtering implemented by the company. Some want access to some specific sites at work, and these sites are usually blocked. An anonymous proxy is a portal designed that allows users to browse sites anonymously and clear of any security screening implemented by the company. These proxy portals can completely ruin control solution and web security to users and companies to significant risks, legal problems and loss of productivity.








New Fresh Proxy Websites


Proxy sites are developed to allow navigation around the restrictions on Internet network or an IP address to hide behind a proxy server to surf anonymously on the Net. Generally, proxy sites are freely available on the web, but some require a few times of access fees. If you want to create a free proxy, you can do so without having to invest money if you use the right tools.

How to create a free proxy site

1)    Create your own website if you do not already have one. Webs and Weekly are two free services that can help you create your own website free of charge. With these services, you simply indicate type the desired name of your proxy site and follow the instructions.


2)    For the design of the site, keep in mind that what is simple is always better. For example, with Web sites and Web visitors, you can choose a predefined template that will be displayed on every page of your site, but proxy sites generally consist of a single page. Once you have selected the design, you can add images or text by selecting “Add Images” or “Add Text”.


3)    When adding text to your site free proxy, make sure to write an introduction describing what your proxy service offered. For example, you can specify that the use of the service is free, it allows you to bypass the restrictions through Internet servers, and that the IP addresses are masked, or any other information you find relevant.


4)    Then you need to go to the website Install. This will allow you to install a CGI proxy on your site. Click the “Start” tab displayed on the page. Then on the link “CGI Proxy”. Let the version pre-selected and click the “Next”. Then click on “Accept”.


5)    Type the name of your proxy site ( in the text box displayed next to that says: Your Website. Type the user name and password that you chose when creating your proxy site. The user name is in the “FTP Username” and password in the “FTP Password”. The rest is not mandatory and, therefore, you do not have to complete it.


6)    Click “Next” and then click “OK” to complete the process. Bypass proxy CGI is now installed on your free proxy site and text field will be displayed: type any URL in the text field displayed on your free proxy site and you can surf anonymously and bypass the Internet restrictions. Share the URL of your proxy site for free with friends or colleagues and they will be also able to use it for free.






Daily Fresh And Unique Proxies


There are applications that allow you to get more than 30,000 fresh and unique proxies every day. There are proxies that can scan every material in different types of proxies and automatically extract the proxies from them and even from the accessories.


Fresh proxy is a useful utility scanner and proxy finder


We all know that the proxy sites are the best place to gain fresh proxies. But it takes too much time to read all the new materials and their accessories in the download, which is really a work of survey. Assume there means 30 subjects and you must visit 10 sites to gain enough fresh proxies, then you will spend about 50 minutes (10 seconds for each subject) everyday.


Now with new fresh proxies you can import your favorite proxy in the list of or you can just use the default one and just press the button “Start”, then you can do other things as you like. After about 10 minutes, finish its work and you can press the “find proxy” to watch your fresh proxies.


If you often need a large amount of fresh proxies, you will probably need it. If you buy proxies from other people and perhaps you will thereafter a proxy list seller.


You can extract proxies from various proxy sites and even if the proxies are in the attachment. Module tester proxies are specially designed for huge list. It extracts the unique proxies from a huge file and rapidly classifies them into 3 levels according to their anonymity. New fresh proxies ensure that it’s an easy and fun for you to find proxies. We all know that the proxy sites are the best places to gain fresh proxies. Now new fresh proxies do all the dirty work for you. It can automatically extract all the fresh proxies for you and consider. It is fast, stable and easy to use.




Fresh Proxies


What is a proxy? 

A proxy, it is an agent, an intermediate.

On the Internet, there are different types of proxy. The most common are HTTP proxies. They support both HTTP and FTP.

An HTTP proxy is a program that acts as an intermediary between an HTTP client and an HTTP server: it receives client requests and forwards them to the server, and is the same for the server response. Thus, a proxy is both a client and an HTTP server.

Proxies are commonly used when the network is protected by a firewall, or to serve as cache.

When a customer uses a HTTP proxy, it sends all requests to this proxy instead of send directly to the server. A request sent to different proxies in the request line contains the full URL of the resource instead of the path on the server.

In this way, the proxy knows which server forwarding the request, although nothing prevents the proxy makes use of another proxy for the resource.


What’s the point?   


A proxy can have multiple uses: Firewall Protection


The proxy can protect you

It can allow you to log out and ban computers connect internet to come on your own. This protection function is often included in proxy firewalls (fire walls), computers programmed to filter communications between networks (for example between the corporate network and the Internet).


The proxy can hide information about your computer

In fact, when you surf all websites can know what site you came from, what browser you are using, what is your operating system, your IP address … Some proxies hide this information. These are called anonymous proxies.


The proxy can store the most requested pages

So if you ask several times page, the proxy will immediately search without going to If you are close to the proxy, it can speed things up. He then called proxy-cache.





Since you ask all your pages to the proxy, it can know all the sites you have visited.


Some Web sites require passwords. As you go through the proxy, the proxy will know your passwords (unless you use HTTPS / SSL).


The proxy provides the pages, but it is also possible that the proxy changes on the fly before you give them to (this is rare, but possible).


Some proxy can be configured to censor sites.

Therefore you have to trust the proxy administrator. You decide whether you want to trust the proxy server of your ISP. For those companies … this is a must see! Experts estimate that 70% of U.S. companies consider employee access to the proxy.


Nevertheless, I recommend that you disable – if you can – the proxy when you need to access sites that require passwords.




Strengthen Security and Anonymity through a Proxy


What is a proxy?

A proxy is a computer (or a set of computers) that will serve as a gateway relay between your computer and all the servers hosting the websites that you visit. Using a proxy, the website will not see your real IP address but the proxy (useful for monitoring sites of competitors, for example).


To surf anonymously you must first find lists of anonymous proxies. Do not hesitate to combine the lists: new fresh proxies found on this site all work but there are in some cases when found 3000 proxies and likely there is only two thirds that actually work and half of them are truly anonymous. In fact, there are several types of proxies:


– Transparent proxy or HTTP proxy: shows everyone that you are using a proxy, and no security is only as HTTP cache (keeps the wanted pages in cache). The ISPs often offer a (free proxy style)

– Anonymous HTTP proxy: hide your IP address.

– HTTP Elite Proxy or Perfect Proxy: the top since it suggests that the IP of the proxy is your real IP. It does not transmit any information that could identify you.

– Elite Proxy HTTP + SSL: It also supports secure sites.

– SOCKS proxy: browsers do not support them; we need programs exploiting this protocol (IRC, FTP, for example). Version (4 or 5) must be indicated.


The most common ports are 80.1080, 8000, 8080, 3128 but the proxy may be on other non-standard ports to avoid wild scans. Once you have your list of new fresh proxies, you should check to remove those who do not work and those whose use is “risky” nobody wants to use a proxy in the military… the use of Proxy Checker (paying) but there are also others which are free. Run the program, load your lists and check everything. This may take some time depending on your connection and the number of proxies. Let it run in the background, it will transfer all IPs bullshit. Finally, sort the list by type of proxy and keep only the Elites (+ SSL). Then you just have to export it to a text file and test them live!


Anonymous Search with Web Proxies


Have you ever wanted to surf the net at your own pace and leisure without the risk of being followed or monitored by adverse net enforcement or unwanted hackers? Your concern about your online privacy can be solved if you take the necessary precautions and measures. A very effective way to reduce your fear of being followed is to go online via an anonymous web proxy. Here’s how to surf the net anonymously using new fresh proxies and secure with your online browsing experience.


Search these new fresh proxies on a search engine reliable and safe. You will find a lot of resources on the web store web proxy anonymous effectively mask the identity of your server; however, not all of these proxies are distributed free. While free proxy sites exist and function relatively well, paid proxy sites allow you to customize your anonymous web proxy to your choice. Please be reminded that the free sites will not give proxy servers on a random basis and are not usually allow you to choose. It is strongly recommended, however, to stick to a free proxy server if you feel that is the third force that threatens your safety online.


When you find yourself confronted with a list of anonymous proxy servers, you will find that some servers are distinguished from others. For example, most of the proxy servers allow you to use the service directly offering you very own field of research. These are for the most part, easier to use because it is not necessary to change the settings of your browser. Usually these new fresh proxies allow you to just type the site or page you want to view and access and press the “Enter” key next to the proxy server field research planned or bar. Something to consider would be a lag in the result of some pages may appear to be quite altered on the basis of technical functions and features of the proxy server. If this happens, it might be a good idea to go through the other way to use an anonymous web proxy. These are proxy servers that join to change the user’s browser. In case you prefer, you must follow the instructions caused by the server and make the necessary adjustments to your browser settings and configurations.