Proxies Applications



The first feature of new fresh proxies is to mediate to bring an increasing performance. However, their role as intermediaries transparent is a varied potential deployment varied, either for caching of local, filtering or integration of services. From the beginning of work, it’s considered a number of new application areas where we could introduce proxies.


As local caching to increase the efficiency of the distribution of documents, we find an example in a prototype developed for archiving digital audio a radio. As part of this project, access times were a critical issue in relation to the size of the documents. The determination of use by context defined physically and therefore allows the definition of neighborhood immediately the use of proxies for an apparent increase in speed access.


We have spoken so far as the use of proxy caching on the part of agents users. There is a balanced use, it is called HTTP accelerator.


In this case, the proxy is then installed in the vicinity of the origin server and serves intermediary for a single origin server (or possibly a group of servers determined in case of clustering web servers). In this configuration, the proxy has an objective that is to accelerate access to a Web service based on the principle that Storage management is faster in a proxy and it also operates better caching objects in main memory. This architecture can be extended to clusters Web server management with a more complicated level caching, if we want to extend the dynamic content caching.


Using new fresh proxies for filtering operations has been explored. Unlike firewalls for example, the fact of being at the application layer can act according to characteristics of the documents exchanged.


The release is a component of the Web. If this feature is wealth, it also reveals a weakness in the dilution of information. The result is disorientation for the user and access convoluted in what constitutes a digital jungle. In this context, the perspective and compilation services

Distributed add value to information. Simply playing the role intermediary, the proxy can provide services integration capabilities disseminated.


Note, finally, to emphasize that the possibilities of new fresh proxies are far from being exhausted, an unusual situation for the operation of a caching proxy with the context communications with a satellite.

We will show later in this work how the proxy can answer these different needs, first by proposing a number of mechanisms implement these features, then providing a platform and application examples that illustrate in more detail.