Proxies Chaining



Today we will discuss a method to chain proxies. The purpose of this document is to improve the navigation of your anonymity. If you do not know what a proxy is, here is a definition:

Proxy is an intermediary machine between computers on a local network and the Internet. Its main role is to allow LAN computers accessing the Internet through it, it can also serve as a cache, that is to say, it keeps track of which pages are most frequently visited in order to provide them quickly, it is called proxy-cache.


If your browser is configured to work with the proxy server of your ISP, when you request a page, your browser first queries the proxy (it’s rather long because the first proxy is a machine that you are connected to).


If it is has already the page by chance on its local disk (as another user or yourself, have made the request before), it sends you directly. Much more proxy servers are automatically updated pages. Finally, it can serve as proxy firewall, that is to say, a system that filters the information leaving for example passes the selected ports for security reasons. To find new fresh proxies, there are many addresses and sites that offer them including our site!




To test and measure the efficiency of the proxy (level of anonymity); do not hesitate to go to checker sites. In fact a proxy server is a server that acts as a filter between your computer and the site web, FTP, etc … The proxy receives your requests to a web page or firewall, the proxy find the requested web page and will resend this page to you. Note that most of new fresh proxies have caching features; they save on their servers the requested and visited web pages.


Thus, when a page is requested then it exists in the cache of the proxy, the proxy sends information from its cache.


It also uses a proxy to remain anonymous because they allow in general and to some extent to remain anonymous by hiding your IP address and giving only that of proxy.


Here is the schema: User> Proxy> Pages, now the “chaining” of proxies: The technique is to connect to multiple proxies at once to chain before reaching the website, FTP etc … Of course, it is possible to use as many proxies as you want.