Proxy Manager



Have one or more proxies on hand can be very useful on the Internet these days. While the Internet is globally accessible from virtually anywhere, you may encounter some restrictions.


This can be about websites that do not allow users to a specific geographic area to access their content, countries that block their citizens to access certain sites, or organizations that block access to sites and service in the working environment.


The proxy servers can be a viable option to circumvent these restrictions, especially if they are placed by a Web site or service, or the country where you live. But new fresh proxies may do more than around the restrictions. Some allow you to hide your IP address, this is very useful if you do not want a site or service saves your real IP address.


Info: new fresh proxies essentially lose your Internet connection to the Internet so that Internet sites and services directly communicate with the proxy, not your computer. This also highlights one of the dangers of using a proxy that is less aware. All traffic is sent to your computer by proxy, it is theoretically possible to capture and therefore abused.


X-Proxy is a free application for the Microsoft Windows operating system that improves the management of the proxy on the computer. It offers several advantages over specific tools browsers, the ability to define proxy servers for multiple browsers on the system.


You download a small installer from web site developer who downloads the application. One thing you may not like is that it automatically checks the system every time you start the program.