Proxy Sessions



To allow new fresh proxies to collect usage statistics granularity thinner compared to the behavior of users upstream transactions, we define a mechanism to maintain session based on the same model as Cookies: proxy-cookies. It can also establish user profiles in a mobility target and interactivity for the implementation of proxy services.


Web Semantics


The Semantic Web encompasses several areas and techniques to improve Web use. By definition, it is easy to show that the party can take proxies and it shows how they can benefit their key position in the network infrastructure. The objective is to establish a key role for proxies in the use of techniques such as XML and annotations. We also define the type of enrichment that can leverage proxies and the use that can be made for a better cache management and the provision of information and services for advanced users.


Proxy business


We develop two axes. First, the use of extended information by the introduction of a rocker in the cache management the field current of the user based on the documents which are linked to the session. Depending on the current domain, then we can exploit a cache structure virtual stage that allows us to offer features caching compartmentalized by profession.


In the second part, in a particular case, the use of new fresh proxies allows the establishment of an integrated services acceleration of the latter, on predefined network infrastructure.