Proxy Sites and Software


Proxy sites

Proxy sites allow individuals to access websites and servers through another server to keep the location and identity of the unknown individual. This helps to limit the amount of spam, cookies and other information is collected or placed on the computer. This helps to keep your computer running quickly and efficiently.


Cookies and other identification software that is placed on your computer by websites can greatly slow down the computer. These cookies and other identification software to help identify a computer on the back on the website for items that the site thinks you want become available. This is one of the main reasons that people use new fresh proxies’ sites.


In addition to protection against cookies, new fresh proxies’ sites stop gleaning information from the computer through the website. It is often glean information about what other websites that you are viewing, but can be much more pervasive. The possibility of hackers and others who could use the information gleaned to steal one? Identity of bank accounts is significantly reduced by using a proxy site.


These proxy sites can be either true that websites will help in viewing additional sites, while keeping the computer safe, or they may be servers that protect the computer. Proxy sites are websites that tend to provide true security lines of communication between the website and the computer. This helps to cover any loss or glean information from the computer and limit the cookies that may be placed on your computer.


Servers that are used as new fresh proxies’ sites are often more server that allows the computer to access a website. This server is a computer replacement and takes all the cookies, spyware, and other computer components so that it can be harmful ransacked and destroyed before any damage can be done. This server can be part of the computer itself, or it could be part of the units ISP’s server. Anyway, new fresh proxies’ sites can be extremely useful and helpful for all those who use them.


Proxy software

There are two famous pieces of proxy software on the internet: CGIProxy and PHProxy.


PHProxy is more customizable and proposes a lot more than CGIProxy however its anonymity is not very good!


There are options when using PHProxy such as:

– Comprises a mini URl form on every HTML page

– Accept HTTP cookies

– Show images

– Strip meta HTML tags

– Strip website title

– open URL in a new window

And there are few other options non-listed here…



It’s not very customizable but proposes full anonymity options and it’s a big benefit.

Options while using CGIProxy:

– No cookies

– No ads

– No scripts

– No referrer

– Show current form