Quality Paid Proxies


There are lots of reasons to choose new fresh proxies of a real service proxy

Here are a few:

  • Quality of service mastered and announced. More proxy in the wind or unreachable destroys your campaign (or spam!)
  • New fresh proxies, uncompromised, not blacklisted by spam servers
  • Rate of failure in your campaign terribly lower than you would have had with free proxies.
  • One service after sales to turn since there is a purchasing service.
  • Finally, the time gained for a set cost at the start: Finishes searching for proxies’ hours, finished restart a campaign whose failure rate is discouraging.


Internet access through a proxy

If your site uses new fresh proxies to provide access to the Internet, you must configure an instance of the proxy so that your application can communicate with the Web proxy.

This section includes the following topics: Configuring proxy servers, Suitable proxy servers.

Configuring proxy servers

A proxy server handles requests from client resources. It can return a requested resource from its cache or forwards the request to the server where the resource. Proxy servers can improve network performance by reducing the number of requests sent to remote servers. They can also be used to restrict access to resources.

Suitable proxy servers

Proxy servers can be of two types: static and adaptive. Adaptive proxy servers adjust their settings when the network configuration changes. For example, when the user starts a laptop connection remote access, if the proxy is an adaptive proxy, it recognizes this change, finds and executes the configuration script again and adjusts its settings accordingly.


Adaptive proxy servers are configured by a configuration script (see Automatic Proxy Detection). This script produces a set of application protocols and proxy for each protocol.


Several options control the execution of the configuration script. You can specify:


  • The frequency of downloading and running the configuration script.


  • The waiting time for downloading the script.


  • Credentials that your system must use to access the proxy.


  • Credentials that your system will use to download the configuration script.


Changes in the network environment may require the system to use a new set of proxy servers. If a network connection is broken or if a new network connection is initialized, the system must discover the appropriate source configuration script in the new environment and run the script again.