The use of new fresh proxies


What is a proxy site?

A proxy site is considered as a web page that enables you to skim your most used websites. But the access to these websites might be blocked by a filter.

In this case and if you discover that you are blocked then you must unblock using a proxy site.


The work of a proxy site


A proxy site allows you to avoid using your internet provider and run through the website proxy. You have just to type the address of your favorite website or the one you need to work as your provider and then you can start using you favorite websites with their form, by this way you will be protected also you will not be blocked.


The proxy in general is a web page that gives to the users of internet the ability to run through their favorite websites without being blocked. In addition the proxy site is able to mask your visits to the site.




Some filters can be used by many companies to restrict access to web pages that have no relation with job tasks that may be used by their employees. Generally they program the filter with some keywords that blocks any page containing those keywords. They can also limit access to help pages.


The use of new fresh proxies


News fresh proxies have many advantages for example; the IP of users is not logged when they use a proxy site. This way the internet users browse safely with anonymity and privacy.