Web Proxies


Anonymous surfing sites are proliferating on the Web and raise security problems, because some of them reveal potentially very dangerous. Supposed to protect these sites may indeed lead you straight on phishing sites (phishing), save your password, use your data, etc… To minimize the risk, it is better to learn about their reliability and privilege deemed reliable services.


Similarly, Web new fresh proxies (free) are particularly slow and binding, firstly because they are less efficient than traditional proxies, and on the other hand, they are often incompatible with streaming sites and secure https. Concretely, this means that most are unable to connect to Facebook, YouTube, or Webmail, for example. This is still a backup option or troubleshooting quick and easy, because you have no software to install and you can use it on any computer. Here are two solutions that to be pretty sure.


Troubleshooting Web Proxy


Like all Web proxies, it requires no installation or configuration. Simply enter the URL of the website you wish to visit in the search field. The service charges change all links on the page that your browser connects to the proxy. You soon realize that the task is difficult because sometimes it can take a lot of time. It has the particularity to allow surfing in the HTML versions Facebook and YouTube. Above all, this service was created in 2006 and has a good reputation. He is known to be used by many people living in repressive countries that censor Internet access.


Unrestricted proxy


The service publishes Ghost Navigator (an anonymous browser) also offers a fee Web proxy. It has indeed an online interface ideal for novices to surf anonymously on the Internet, including secure sites (https). All data is encrypted on the servers of the publisher who retains no log of your communications. It is possible to choose the country to connect, manage cookies, etc… The interface reveals itself against antiquated disappointing.