Where to Find Free New Fresh Proxies?


New fresh proxies often called simply proxies are a technology that allows a computer to go unnoticed on the internet. There are many free proxies on the internet, but their addresses change frequently. We cannot always use the same. To do this, here is a list of the two best sites to find free new fresh proxies.



Normally a computer that connects to a website is identified by giving its IP address (for example Each service provider (ISP) has an address range reserved for it. And depending on the time of connection, the ISP can find out who owns the address.



With a proxy, the information passes through a remote computer through a mask by fire routing. Thus, we cannot do mapping between the input address and output address. The user can surf quietly without spying in this way.

Note that the ISP can always spy on the information that flows from the server to your computer. But to do that requires a warrant issued by prefect.



New fresh proxies, the website that offers proxies to surf the internet anonymously. The advantage of this site is that is very easy to use. Simply login to the site and enter your country and click on “find proxy”.



Proxies on dailyproxies.org are very accessible and easy to use. They guarantee you a greater level of confidentiality, as it is very difficult to check their server.

Note however that you should never send important information when you are connected through a proxy. In fact, they can intercept all your data (credit card number, password, etc…).