Why Surf Anonymously?




Before going into details, note that the purpose of this file is not to give way to use the Internet for malicious or illegal. Our approach is to give the keys to preserve the anonymity on the Internet if desired for various reasons (not exhaustive): because you share a computer with other people or spouse to circumvent the restrictions imposed by company in order to access certain web services (Facebook, MSN…), thwart tracking search engines and advertising, leave no trace in a cyber café, communicate in a sensitive country, preserve its identity online etc..


Even if you have nothing to hide, you may need at some point to seek and exchange information on the network discreetly without compromising its identity. This is the case of individuals and of course many professionals – activists, journalists, soldiers, lawyers, etc… As in “real” life, you do not necessarily want to disclose certain information, whatever they are, to all-comers.


What are the traces we leave on the internet?


When we connect to the Internet, it is possible to find lots of information on our connection with our IP address: date and time of connection, location, ISP, cookies accepted or not, screen resolution, operating system. By default, a web browser holds valuable information about its users, such as sites visited, pages viewed, or its interests through its history. Even if they do not retain the data for a few months, search engines record, analyze, and regurgitate information through keywords entered, which links were clicked, our browser history, etc… For certain services and websites that use methods ever finer to track us.


To reduce the risk, it is essential to remain vigilant about the data that you disclose on the Internet. But this does not always work and our connections can sometimes leave indelible imprints…


Anonymity methods


It is possible to act in different ways to minimize the traces we leave on the Internet and browse incognito. Exploit Firefox and its many features and extensions. Opt for participatory project Bundle anonymous Browser and install new fresh proxies, use Web service anonymity, VPN, or software.


All these methods have advantages and disadvantages. Whatever their efficiency, they can be a perfect uselessness if you do not take a few precautions to protect the confidentiality of their data.